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Terms and conditions

Yoga retreat in Ubud

*.As you are booking to stay at a Retreat center, please note that guests are not allowed to bring anyone from outside of the retreat to their rooms. This is for the safety of other guests and to keep the environment and retreat a safe space and above all friendly. We are very strict about this condition.

*.Firefly retreat was built to make more jobs for the locals and help the community, consequently, any cancelation is a big loss for us. Therefore, in case of cancelation or change of date, please let us know at least 1 month in advance, otherwise we are not able to refund your money.

*.Guests are responsible to take care of their valuables in the safebox in their rooms. Firefly retreat is not responsible for any loss out of the safebox.

*.Racism toward any other guests or staff is never tolerated. in those extreme cases, we immediately cancel the guest's booking without any refund.

*.After check-in, a guest has one hour to cancel their booking for any reason, after that time period, we do not get any responsibility for cancelation and refund.

Being respectful and kind is the number one priority for the smooth running and enjoyment of our retreat groups.

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