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Yoga retreat program

All our guests arrive on Sunday (Anytime After 14:00 - 18:30). We have an introduction meeting where everyone introduces themselves and we explain about the Retreat and our programs. Finally we will all sit down to have our first dinner together. 
Monday: After a morning yoga class we will have breakfast and then go for a leisurely walk in the neighbouring rice paddies. To follow our walk through nature, an in-depth introduction into Balinese herbal medicines. During the walk we will explain about Balinese Culture and farming. There will also be some art shops along the way. At 15:00 learn how to make 'Canang Sari' (flower basket offerings).The first day's activities will close with a yoga class.
Tuesday: An excursion to a Balinese village for an authentic immersion into Balinese culture and religious life. You will join a Balinese Hinduism ceremony, receive a religious bracelet after prayer and learn about their symbolic temples and their meaning. Help the ladies to make an ornamental offering stand, then observe a colourful procession through the streets. Next, locals will impart traditional knowledge about coconut oil and coffee making.  Finally, dip your toes into fertile soil and plant rice alongside the smiley farmers. To end an eventful day, enjoy a delicious Balinese lunch watching a dance performance. Due to Covid we may change the Balinese Excursion to Sound Healing at Pyramids Of Chi. It is a 10 minute walk from the retreat center. Lunch at Firefly an evening yoga class at 5:00 pm
Wednesday Morning yoga class followed by a Balinese cooking class, at 11:00 where you will cook your own delicious, healthy lunch. Don't be surprised if you see very blunt knives during the cooking class, it's for your own safety.Ah. Don't forget that we will be reviewing your food results, so you are not the only ones who write a review :)
After eating your own cooked lunch, there will be a herbal drink making class. In this class you will make your own herbal drink traditional to Bali , with an explanation of all the health benefits of the drink. The day comes to an end with a yoga class followed by dinner.
Thursday: Morning yoga class. Put your new-found knowledge of Balinese natural remedies to the test! A hands-on herbal medicine making class. At 15:00 a chocolate class where you will make your own organic Wawawiwao Chocolate Bar. This is a fun class full of chocolate facts and jokes. In the evening, another yoga class followed by Meditation.
Friday: Morning and evening yoga class. Firefly Retreat is close to Pyramids Of Chi, A Place with beautiful Sound Healing Sessions. Usually guests like to spend their own personal time there on Fridays.
During the yoga retreat, everyone forms strong bonds and makes unforgettable friends. We will welcome you with a smile and take very good  care of you. It's important to manage your expectations before booking this retreat, that we are a budget retreat. We do not aim to provide a luxurious holiday, what we give our guests time and again is an authentic, varied week of experiences that make you Feel Good! At the end of the retreat, it's always hard for us to see you go.  After a week of relaxing and mental rejuvenation, you are ready to return to your life back home with renewed positivity and above all, appreciating what you have... We love to receive guests' personal cards, it means the world to us!So are you ready to book your yoga retreat in bali with Us? :)
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